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Bearded dragon: Food supplements

Food supplements

In nature all bearded dragons can find what they need. In captivity it is somewhat different. As with other reptiles may never lack food supplements at the food for bearded dragons in captivity. They have extra vitamins/minerals and calcium. This to prevent deficits resulting in health problems (see health).

Deficiencies can occur from too little, get formulated unilaterally and/or wrong.

There are many different types of nutritional supplements in the special trade. Not all dietary supplements for reptiles are sufficiently suitable for bearded Dragons (have different need than most reptiles). Take therefore prefer a food supplement that has been developed for bearded dragons. (e.g. Pogona Vittimix of 101 Dragons, especially for bearded Dragons) (zie gezondheidszorg)


Calcium (= macro mineral) makes for a good blood pressure, strong bones, proper functioning of the heart, transmission of nerve impulses, and blood clotting. There should always be offered sufficient calcium to prevent health problems. In General, excess calcium excreted with the feces.

Vitamin and minerals

Everyone knows that vitamins and minerals are very important for health. In addition, they provide an optimal functioning immune system. 

* Vitamin: these are essential substances, which every living being needs to survive. Certain groups of vitamins may not/hardly by the body itself are created (dietary supplements play an important role). Especially the A-vitamins (for good resistance and promoted cell growth) and D3 (for proper digestion, heart rhythm, nervous system and strong bones) and C-vitamins (for good resistance and promote calcium metabolism) are important for baardagmen. The bearded Dragon can only create Vitamin D3 when he has good Uv-B lights. When the Uv-rays penetrate through the skin (B), there may be extra vit. D3 can be created. 

Vitamins are divided into;  

- Water soluble vitamins: the B and C vitamins (resolve this faster than the fat soluble vitamins).

- Fat soluble vitamins: A-D-E and K vitamins.  

* Minerals: Vitamins cannot function without minerals. The body can not create minerals but only absorb them. Minerals helps whit the transport of oxygen in the body. 

Also minerals are divided in to two groups:

- Macro minerals: the body has a daily size amount of macro minerals.

- Micro minerals: are also known as trace elements. The body needs a little less of this miniral. 

Administration and dosage

Nutritional supplements can best be served through the food animals. Do the food animals in Bowl or a high there over and sprinkle the powder Cup SABO the cup very gently, to the powder in equal sizes on food animals to spread.

If the animals are animals eat enough food that is well powdered with nutritional supplements, they gain in principle sufficient inside. Dispensing of food supplements is also less easy than when administering through food animals. In addition, the supplements affect the taste (often have a bitter taste). If you nevertheless choose to intersperse dietary supplements on the Green feed, make sure it is sweet in taste.

On the waterfront or the vegetables can also be added vitamins, lime not because this solves bad on and contaminates the water fast. However, it is not recommended to the nutritional supplements in the water, it is difficult to measure how much the baardagemen actually record.

  • Vitamin/minerals: 2 x per week. (assume that there is offered enter every day)
  • Calcium: all the other times. (assuming going on that there almost every day is offered enter) 
  • Be careful with the dosage of vitamins. Never give more than the recommended amount. When an overdose of vit. A, vit. D3 suppressed. At an overdose D3 hopes calcium itself in the organs, which in the long run can lead to poisoning and/or skeletal problems
  • It is often recommended to take vitamin and calcium at the same time not because suggested word that vitamin and calcium breaks off each other. This is not the case. There are also supplements available with and vitamin and calcium in it. 



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