Pogona Vitticeps

Baardagaam/Bearded Dragon



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Bearded Dragon: Fertilization


Before you fertilize a bearded Dragon let, one must first be sure that they are in good condition wrong. Can also be given for fertilization for more food (especially with calcium). 

For mating is a kind of seduction recommended s ritual. The men make the beard black and put this on. they can violently with the head nodding up and down draw the females. Then invite the males from females by waving.

Mating can sometimes be pretty harsh. The male bites the female on her neck firmly fixed (to not fall off and make them look not off). While the male can make injuries or bite the females even of spines get rid on the back of the head. The male pushes with his tail the tail of the female up (where swishing the tails sometimes pressure in the round).

Males have a hemipenis which significantly increased the chance of success. Because bearded Dragons have a long tail it is sometimes tricky to bring the genitals against each other. That is why a penis as it were split in two. This means that there is both left and right approach the female and make contact.

Als de paring wordt verstoord, kan de hemipenis naar buiten komen te hangen (Gezondheidszorg/ Prolaps).If the mating is disturbed, the reptiles come out to hang (see Diseases/Prolapse). Sometimes restores this itself, but to animals kept in captivity, it is better to consult a veterinarian. The penis can become inflamed and this can lead to complications. 

It is the good and nice to know, that by 1 mating, the female can produce eggs as recommended n 3 clutches. This of course requires a great effort (result = exhaustion). This occurs because the woman can store sperm and so multiple clutches can dropping off 1 mating.

Vlak voor de baardagamen vervellen, verliezen ze hun eetlust. Enkele dagen voor de vervelling laat de oude huid al enigszins los, waardoor het dier een doffe kleur krijgt. De huid scheurt vanzelf los, waarbij de huid als velletjes van het lichaam komt.

Determine fertilization

About a month after mating the female will get a big belly (the eggs are visible in the abdomen). There may be cautious be felt to the abdomen or eggs are present.

The eggs that a bearded Dragon produces, are not always fertilized. There are a number of ways that you can recognize or weel an egg fertilized or not. Once the eggs a few days old can there be evident which eggs fertilized. When a small, bright white light bulb in the eggs you can look around by the scale seemed word. The fertilized eggs red lights on and sometimes you see for even a veins. That some eggs not yet red, does not mean that they are not fertilized. There is a small chance that these eggs have a beard. Let it when they than dent and/or discolor they are unfertilized. When looking at a later stage, there may be even a clear outline of a small barbs in the egg. Do not look too often with a light and love it never too close or too long on the egg. You would not disturb the eggs and fertilization does not guarantee to a birth of a full beard.  



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